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Modiran agriculture software is designed with the aim of giving comprehensiveness to information integration in production area. This software can be implemented and performed in a variety of activity fields including gardening, agriculture, greenhouse and fisheries. In large production complexes that include parent companies and subsidiaries, parent companies are able to view, track, get report and even enter information. The basic information section is defined as integrated and comprehensive, and can be automatically extended to up to date items


Basic information includes the activity field, operation stages, operations, inputs, patches, water resources, machinery, connecting tools and personnel. To get started, you need to define budget planning and then determine what patches are considered to be planned. And by the end of the planning, all the daily operations for each section will be entered. In this section, it is possible to get report about the performance of persons, machinery and resources, as well as to show all operations performed in a single day for different products. If planning in any way causes damage, it is possible to enter the damage information and the amount of damage. Also, at the end of the planning, the possibility of deviation from the budget and its efficiency is calculated and determined.

In other items section, it is possible to record water, soil and leaf tests as well as meteorological information.
The system uses Rose software for getting report and creating report, and the user is able to create numerous desired reports.

This section provides the basic information needed to record agricultural operations including the names of fertilizers, the names of pesticides and their types, the stages of operations, the relationship of operations, operations, activity fields, types of waste, stoppages, types of irrigation systems, inputs, product groups, conversion units, methods of executing operation and the cause of damage.
By selecting any of the tables in the central basic section, you enter the details of the table and it is possible to view the items in it.

The basic section:
This section contains tables related to patches, irrigation systems, personnel, machinery, connecting tools, financial interfaces of products and water resources along with table details. The basic section tables of each company are unique and relate to the same company.
Adding, editing, deleting, reporting, and notification logging are possible in this section.

Daily section:
In this section, it is possible to record and modify daily operations, various operations of persons, periodic planning, inflicted damage and in fact any types of daily operations in the farm. It is also possible to add notifications to any of the tables in this section.

Other items section:
This section relates to the recording of effective and necessary tests in farm such as soil, leaf and water tests, and also meteorological data.

Some of the System Ready Reports:
۱- List of System Reports

  1. Reporting the consumption of different pesticides for a given product over a specific time period: This report shows how much and what pesticides were exactly used for each patch in each date, and also the total consumption of each pesticide at the end of each group.

  1. Consumption of fertilizers over a specified time period for each of the products

  1. Harvest of specific product and specify residual level of harvest

  1. Operations performed for the specified product within a specified time period

  1. The amount of water consumed over a specified period of time for different products

  1. The amount of inputs consumed for different products over a specified period of time

۸- Functioning of machinery in specific time period for each product

  1. Functioning of personnel within a specific time period for each product

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