Modelling the cost price of fetal through Modiran company for the first time

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Modelling the cost price of fetal through Modiran company for the first time

The implementation of the embryo production automation system of Sina Fannavaran Mandegar company was assigned to Modiran Tahlilgar Sepahan company.

The first embryo bank of the priority cows in the country was established by Sina Fannavaran Mandegar company. The company has also introduced buffalo in its new designs.

The Modiran company also provided comprehensive information, from the purchase of livestock to the production of embryos from the ovum.

Some properties of the produced system are:

Online registration of all steps and information

Maintenance farm management

Cost of maintenance farm

Farm management nutrition management

Operational farm management

Hormone therapy (from formulation to operation registration)


Registration of embryos as Freez or Fresh

Record fetal sales

The Modiran company created the model for the first time with the cooperation of specialists.

The presentation of this model was faced with many difficulties due to the limited study resources in the country and also the scarcity of this industry in the world, which was finally completed with the efforts of the company’s specialists and the cooperation of Sina Fanavaran Mandegar company.

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