Server aggregation of managers information

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Server aggregation of managers information

    Using All Software at Low Cost Managers:

You can use one thousandth of the software’s main price and only by paying monthly membership fees from all software managers such as “Managers – Flock Combine – Rose – Litter – Chinese Potion – Nutrition – Nutrition Reports – Exit Price – Full Price Reports – Scheduler “Use the Internet connection.

Security and information preservation:

All your information on the server is protected in a safe and free manner from any virus or physical damage (damage to a computer or hard drive).



In this way, weekly versions of your information are independently stored and protected in a separate database, so you can use it if you need it. Also, the latest updates and optimizations of directors will be applied directly without making the smallest change on the data.

Easy access via the Internet:

From any part of the country, with any means that you have access to the Internet, you can log in to the Administrator’s site and use this service by entering your own user name and password.

۲۴-hour function:

All servicer services are 24-hour and are not limited to office hours, and you can use all of the services provided at any time of the day.

Comparing with others anonymously:

By joining the Administrator Server, you will be able to compare with other members. In this system, the comparison is done anonymously to protect the information and specifications of individuals and companies. Due to the wide range of system functionality, the statistical society will be very rich in comparisons.

Self evaluation with over 500 different parameters:

In addition to comparing with others, you can evaluate the elements you want compared to 500 different parameters. These parameters are based on the optimization standards and you can get better progress.

Login directly to the server:

By logging in to the Internet, the programs are similar to the managers’ plans, so you can enter new data. However, the new input information is directly on the server.

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