Software members of cooperatives of livestock breeders

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Software for registering members of cooperatives of livestock breeders

With the equipping of cattle breeders’ unions and cooperatives with computers and their need for a codified program, we designed software to meet all the needs of unions and cooperatives, including member management, stock management, management reporting, and so on. We are honored to have done this as a small service to cattle cooperatives.

Collection, maintenance and disclosure of stockholders information are the main needs of any company, cooperative or institution that is managed as a joint stock company.
The software for recording the information of members of cooperatives of livestock breeders

With the help of this software, which is unique in its nature, each cooperative company can achieve the following goals:

۱. Full details of members, account numbers and livestock specifications

The possibility of registering information such as: name and surname of dairy cattle, ID number and national code, history of activities, history and type of insurance, contact information, bank account and …

۲. View profile of the date, visitor and results of the visit separately.

۱) specifications of the building and equipment and machinery

The possibility of recording information such as: the area of ​​the various sectors of livestock breeding, ventilation and milking facilities and …

۲) Species of the flock

In this section, information about herds such as the total number of flocks and dairy cattle, milk production, milk delivery, livestock insurance, etc. are recorded.

۳) Health specifications and permits

In this part of the health information software, such as health license for livestock breeders, veterinarian’s name and information on washing and disinfection of various livestock sectors, and more.

۴) Human resources

۵) Buying and Selling Status and Validation

In this section, the amount of milk produced and the average price of milk sales, the sales of cattle and calves, etc. are recorded.

۶) Members poll

In this section, it is possible to examine the level of satisfaction of the livestock farmer from the cooperative, the amount of attendance and participation of the livestock breeder, the number of logbooks of the member and ….

۳. Setting up geographic information via GPS device

The power of automatic communication with the GPS device and the reception of information for recording the geographical information of livestock breeding and displaying the geographical location of the livestock on the map

۴. Specification of stock and shareholder’s stock and the value of the stock

۵. Print stock tab to the desired format

۶. Extreme Output Production Using Rose System

۷. Advanced user search (Search according to any of the items in the form)

۸. Grouping of animal husbandry area

۹. Create a backup of the database

۱۰. This system allows users in a simple and user-friendly environment in the network or single-use environment:

Users 10-1

۱۰.۱.۱-Creating software users

۱۰.۱.۲- Allocation of permissions to users

۱۰.۱.۳- Creating levels of access, changing user passwords, deleting users by software admin, viewing users and changing software user

۱۰.۲. Each user has the power to make simple changes or changes to their environment.

۱۰.۳-Provides the ability to integrate various software into the user.

Some of the proprietary features of registering members of cooperatives of livestock breeders:

– Easy to install and easy to use

– All types of reports can be generated using the Report Maker software and Rose Report (for more information on this software, see this section of the site).

– Under Windows

– Network capability

– Ability to transfer information from old software

– Online support via the site and phone

– Low price of services

– And …

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