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Antivirus Aviva

Fighting computer viruses today is considered one of the most important principles in managing and maintaining systems. Every year many computer systems suffer from various problems due to viruses and disruptions. Various software can now be found as tools for fighting against viruses that use each of the various tools to protect the systems.

Software known as Anti Virus prevents the spread of viruses by advanced software techniques and simultaneous monitoring across all platforms of the operating system. Many software can be built in this field, which has both popularity and reputation in this field as well as professional tools.


The Avira Premium Security Suite bundle is one of the best security software. This is the product of the company Avira, a German company. The company introduced its first product in 1988 (20 years ago), called H + BEDV Datentechnik GmbH. Later, it changed the name of the anti-virus called AntiVir. The antivirus software is available for free as well as professional. Until today, the highly-patented Avira Premium Security Suite software package from the German company, is a very powerful set that can deal with the newest Has viruses. The reason for this is the use of the best and latest standards for detecting malicious programs.

This antivirus on the av-comparatives site, which is the base for testing antivirus, is ranked higher than the well-known antivirus NOD 32 and Kaspersky. This security pack is not only a powerful anti-virus but also includes tools that can protect your computer against attacking any malicious file.

Key Features of Avira AntiVir Premium 2009 V9.0.0.420:

– Permanent care of the system

– Ability to control all system files and memory processes

– Prevent execution of suspicious files with warning to the user in this field

– Has a powerful database for detecting viruses

– Ability to update the software and its DataBase

– Firewalls to protect your system from hackers

– Ability to fight spyware

– Ability to fight spam

– Identify the latest viruses, Trojans and in general malicious files

– Very simple user interface

– Very high speed operation

– Packages for small updates and fast updates online

– Compatibility with different versions of Windows


Aviva has been recognized as the best anti virus of the year 2008 with the highest score in four consecutive times at the independent and accredited organization In this center, there are two major types of testing, namely on-demand and proactive. In the Proactive test, anti-virus viruses will not be updated for 3 months, and its ability will be evaluated against threats that are released after this quarter. In the on-demand test, anti-viruses are updated at a particular time, and their ability to viruses is evaluated according to various virus samples that are very comprehensive and comprehensive.
Avira Excellent Features

– The highest percentage of threat identification
– Lowest impact on system performance
– The best speed in responding to threats
– Identification of Iranian viruses in less than 1 hour

– Direct registration of software from Germany
– Getting the highest rank of Independent and Valuable AV-Comparatives in the last three years of 2008 The powerful central management console under Windows and Unix for installing and managing antivirus on all network computers.
Facts about Aviva

During the four recent tests, Aviva has achieved the highest grade in all tests of the organization.

Aviva has gained the highest percentage among all the antiviruses in the world over the past four years with an average of about 90% detection.
The high speed of the scanner and the negligible impact of Aviv on the performance of the system (overhead), introduced the antivirus as the lightest and fastest software in the world.

Providing security for desktop computers and servers on the network, Aviva provides other security solutions for email and web gateways, as well as security solutions for hardware firewalls.
Email security

Aviv has a comprehensive e-mail security solution (including antivirus and antispam) for all email servers, including Exchange and Unix-based email servers.
Internet gateway security

To effectively deal with Internet threats, Aviv brings products and comprehensive solutions. Information packets prior to entering your network are controlled by Voice over the Internet gateways, and you can easily connect to other networks, including the Internet. Unified Threat Management (UTM) Unified Threat Management (UTM) is an essential solution to address threats and to ensure overall network security. By choosing a combination of this company, you will have a very powerful full-featured UTM, which is economically viable.

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