Early detection of livestock pregnancy based on reproductive performance

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Early detection of livestock pregnancy based on reproductive performance

The sustainability of the dairy livestock breeding industry requires a reproductive process. Weak reproductive performance indicates an increase in lactation days in the herd, a decrease in the number of replacement calves and forced elimination of cows due to infertility. Therefore, improving the reproductive management of dairy cows requires accurate and early pregnancy diagnosis.

Early detection of pregnancy leads to rapid identification of non-pregnant cows and renewed attempts to their pregnancy. Weak early detection of cow’s estrous cycles and pregnancy causes many estrus cycles to be missed during their economic life. Hence, early detection of pregnancy and estrous period is essential.

Slight growth in milk production occurs during the lactation period, which depends on the maximum amount of produced milk and the rate of weekly decrease in produced milk after its peak. Although the increased amount of production milk is insignificant (equal to 1 liter/ day), the total annual milk production is strictly reduced during their economic life. Because of the increased risk of metabolic disorders in cows, lactation will decrease in future. On the other hand, milk production will decrease compared to their related genetic potential.

A cattle management platform based on extracted data can be helpful for ranchers or livestock experts. The Modiran company propose management software to better control agricultural and livestock (especially dairy cattle) work, according to the user’s needs, providing real-time data. Real-time data speeds up data collection instead of traditional methods. Consequently, raw data is turned into useful reports and made the right management decisions based on it. The Modiran company provides scientific information that is taken from valid scientific articles, and accordingly share the reports in the software.

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