Evaluation of harvesting dates on qualitative traits of spring safflower

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Evaluation of harvesting dates on qualitative traits of spring safflower (CARTHAMUS TINCTORIUS L.) genotyes under urmia condition

In order to evaluate the effects of harvesting dates on qualitative traits of safflower genotypes, an experiment was carried out under field conditions in the agricultural faculty of Urmia University in 2009-10. Factorial experiments were based on Randomized Complete Blocks design with four replications was used under field condition. Genotypes included Isfahan landrace, Sina, IL111 and PI250536 as first factor and harvesting dates of 106, 121 and 136 days after sowing as second factor. Results of analysis of variance showed that significant interactions between cultivars and harvest dates on grain yield, oil%, protein yield, grain harvest index, oil and protein harvest indices. Also, there was among harvest date significant 1% for trate protein% and protein harvest index. Isfahan landrace in second and third and PI250536 line at third harvesting date had the highest grain yield.
Sina cultivar at the first harvesting dates was allocated the highest oil%. Also, in the third harvesting date Esfahan landrace and PI250536 line had the highest oil yield. In the third harvesting date Protein % and Protein harvest index were highest range.

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