Sam Software (Modiran Information System)

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  1. Your permanent companion:
    This software could be installed on Android mobile phones that are always with us.
    In the era of technology that the mobile phone is a part of our daily lives and is the best means of solving new needs, the best way for reporting is to have an application on the mobile phone.
  1. Send and receive via text message (SMS) and the Internet
    Sending requests and receiving the reports by means of the most accessible comprehensive communication way – SMS.
    SMS is the best and the most functional tool in mobile phones. In places where even voice calls have noise and other sound quality problems, text messages can be used for communication.
    Sending reports and receiveing response in text files, Excel files and graphs over the Internet
    The fastest and most reliable way to communicate with Modiran web server is via internet.

  1. Easy, quick and comprehensive reporting:
    You can get an intelligible and understandable answer with just a few simple clicks and spending a little time. By the means of this software, you don’t need to search a huge number of applied reports, to find the report’s keywords, or spend time for typing keywords or correctly putting the values ​​together to be able to send the message (report). Instead of that, by just a few clicks, you can go to the report and fill out a few parameters separately and then press the Submit button to access to the desired report. You find that this is the shortest and best way to get a clear answer with the widest range of applied reports.
    Getting the report in tabular files and graphing views is one of the newest and most functional features added to Sam software, which makes it easier and more accurate to check through statistical charts.
    Categorizing reports as a list of software have led to easier and faster access to the desired reports.
  1. Authorization and determination of access level by the manager:
    You can allow access or deny access to individuals, or change their level of credibility in reporting, only by sending an SMS. Permissions and the level of access to the information is the most valuable asset of a business complex and always have been and will be a concern for managers. We have tried to implement this feature so that managers can easily and quickly grant or revoke permissions to individuals, or even determine the access level of individuals to their information. These access restrictions are implemented by limiting the display of reports in user side and responding to the requests in server side.
  1. Possibility of planning and scheduling of operations and daily activities:
    This feature enables management of personnel and resources by setting fixed and variable scheduling plans for staff to send notifications at specific time intervals.
    Planning is the most important part of a business, and this is the route map for further expansion and further development of the business in the future. The most important tool in this way is managing human resources and assigning tasks on a daily and long-term basis to them and the above mentioned feature is designed to achieve to this important goal.

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