exprience management with MODIRAN

Modiran Company since 2000 has a history of activity in the field of design and implementation of various specialized and custom software in the field of animal

forecast dairy cows’ activity software

The software to forecast dairy cows’ activity   Can be performed in dairy herds that the Modiran management software are used. Ability to calculate the operation of the livestock for the next 10 years with 96% accuracy Ability to calculate age circumstance of herds Real simulation of a herd that can be reported

Feeder indicator

Can be performed in herds that the livestock feeding software is used. Ability to send accurate information to livestock feeding software Ability to receive information from the feeder Can be connected to any type of feeder

modiran software

Sam software Mobile Debriefing system Enhancing Graphical Interface Quick access to a specific report Compatibility with Android (8+) i Sam software Sending information from a mobile device Khomeini Shahr Livestock Improvement Center is equipped with this software as the first center Other co-operatives can enjoy this app for free Feasibility to record Weights, Hoof trimming, […]

Agriculture software

Modiran agriculture software is designed with the aim of giving comprehensiveness to information integration in production area. This software can be implemented and performed in a variety of activity fields including gardening, agriculture, greenhouse and fisheries. In large production complexes that include parent companies and subsidiaries, parent companies are able to view, track, get report […]

Sheep and goat Management Software

Sheep and goat Management Software: Modiran livestock management software is especially developed for goats and sheep and provides all recorded operations, including placing CIDR device, inoculation, calving and other operations for goats and sheep, and easily control and manage the herd. In addition, recording pedigree and herd improvement data and drawing a milk chart for […]

Rose Reporting System

Rose Reporting System (reporter/ report maker / report writer) In Sep. 2006, Modiran Tahlilgar Sepahan Company decided to create comprehensive software for generating constant and dynamic reports according to the growing need of the Information Society. The main reasons for this action can be summarized as follows: ۱. to strengthen the reporting section through the […]

Sam Software (Modiran Information System)

Your permanent companion: This software could be installed on Android mobile phones that are always with us. In the era of technology that the mobile phone is a part of our daily lives and is the best means of solving new needs, the best way for reporting is to have an application on the mobile […]

Server aggregation of managers information

Server aggregation of managers information     Using All Software at Low Cost Managers: You can use one thousandth of the software’s main price and only by paying monthly membership fees from all software managers such as “Managers – Flock Combine – Rose – Litter – Chinese Potion – Nutrition – Nutrition Reports – Exit Price – […]

Software members of cooperatives of livestock breeders

Software for registering members of cooperatives of livestock breeders With the equipping of cattle breeders’ unions and cooperatives with computers and their need for a codified program, we designed software to meet all the needs of unions and cooperatives, including member management, stock management, management reporting, and so on. We are honored to have done […]

Antivirus Aviva

Antivirus Aviva Fighting computer viruses today is considered one of the most important principles in managing and maintaining systems. Every year many computer systems suffer from various problems due to viruses and disruptions. Various software can now be found as tools for fighting against viruses that use each of the various tools to protect the […]